Clean room packaging

According to our Full-Service philosophy we offer a wide range of sterile and unsterile in house packaging options for all treated products.

The Absolute Medical GmbH has its own qualified clean room according to ISO 14644 (class 7). The clean room is monitored by the quality management department and is periodically tested by accredited laboratories.

Accredited partners continuously monitor microbiological conditions of our products and revalidate products and processes.

Blister Packaging

To begin with, processed components are cleaned according to validated process. Subsequently, depending on customer specifications, all products are packed and sealed in customer specific or standardized blisters.

All blisters consist of PET-G (blue tinted) and are sealed with Tyvek sealing lids.

Foil bag Packaging

For non-sterile packaging of products there are various peel-bag variants available (e.g. PA, PE). Especially for products which are to be autoclaved before use, PA bags are suitable.

Of course, products can also be delivered sterilized in foil bags. Depending on the material and size of the bag, we are pleased to support the necessary validations.


All products are labelled by customer specifications. It is possible to print Barcodes as well as matrix codes on paper- or foil labels. Upon request, customized labels or folding boxes can also be conceptually implemented by our experienced specialists at short notice.